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The Internet of Things (IoT) has promised a future where everything has its own information to contribute to the larger experience. Current technology already allows devices to speak to each other and take action based on available information. There is a missing piece… how does that information get to the user when out in the world? ONvocal OV Headphones include all the features expected from a high-end set of Bluetooth headphones plus the library of skills and Internet of Things connectivity of Amazon Alexa.

Not limited to personal assistants like Siri and Google, a single tap on the OV headphones provides untethered control of Amazon Alexa and voice-control of all the skills installed. Users can access all of Alexa’s services, including entertainment (like iHeartRadio and TuneIn radio), communication, shopping, smart home management (like Philips Hue and Schlage locks), on-demand services, information, and more.

ONvocal OV Headphones feature Amazon Alexa.
Image Credit: ONvocal

ONvocal headphones features a suite of intelligent sound controls to give the best possible performance when using the integrated voice-control. Preset sound controls boost, block, mix, and customize the sounds being played through the headset and picked up by the microphone to provide exactly what you hear. The “Ambient” setting allows you to hear what’s happening around you in binaural sound. Changing the setting to “Voice” processes the user’s own voice in real time for better calls and voice commands (and even for singing along to your favorite tunes). A double-tap of the chat button automatically dips music volume and turns on a combination of Ambient and Voice, which means you don’t need to remove earbuds to have a face-to-face conversation with the flight attendant, barista, friend, or colleague.

We were sent a pair of OV headphones to test and they entirely lived up to all their claims (which is incredible enough)… plus one detail that shows just how user focused ONvocal is in their design that could not be overlooked: the headset includes a hidden audio input port for use during air travel where Bluetooth may be prohibited (and yes, a cable is included).

OV headphones are available now on Amazon (and it’s Prime eligible too) and on the ONvocal website (onvocal.com) for a suggested retail price of $399.

Future evolution of the ONvocal system promises to only increase integration with Internet of Things and the connected world. Linking smart applications and the intelligent sound controls might allow for live audio information that recognizes your location and the situation, perhaps providing data about points of interest as you wander a new neighborhood or up-to-the-moment travel advisories.

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