Immotor GO battery-powered, multi-functional scooter.

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Immotor GO battery-powered, multi-functional scooter.

The Immotor GO ( is an electric vehicle that makes some innovative improvements on the battery-powered scooters that are common on the roads (and sidewalks) everywhere. The three-wheeled design is inherently stable, even at slow speeds or a standstill, and the foldable engineering provides three different modes: ride, power, and fold.

In Fold mode, the three wheels of the GO pull close together and the platform folds away making it easy to pull into nearly any location. The inventive Power mode takes advantage of the motor and stability of three wheels to utilize the GO to assist in hauling things. Ride mode has its own features, including slower “crowd cruising,” commute, and sport speed settings with a top speed of 17 miles per hour (mph).

Immotor GO battery-powered, multi-functional scooter.
Immotor GO battery-powered, multi-functional scooter.
Image Credit: Immotor

The Immotor GO is also a highly-connected device with a smartphone activated digital key, its own cellular SIM card and other connectivity, including interactive, self-updating software, GPS tracking, and back-end data collection and analysis. The connectivity also allows for additional security features, including geofencing areas that will prevent a GO from leaving a specified area and live-tracking of the scooter’s location (for anti-theft detection or movement alert).

The GO is Bluetooth enabled with media and audio functionality through built-in speakers. Other features include a low/hi-beam super bright headlight, a bag hook (rated for up to 30 pounds), a Daybrite LCD display, red LED brake lights on the rear of the deck, and a handlebar button that will trigger the camera on your smartphone (if it is installed in the removable device holder).

The Immotor mobile application integrates all the GO’s features, including setting the speed for Power Assist mode, locking the scooter’s motor (or as granting access to a friend), tracking the GO via GPS, setting speed and/or geographic perimeter limits and more.

Further separating the Immotor GO from other personal transportation vehicles is the “Super Battery.” The swappable power supply features a built-in microchip and processor, allowing it to be programmable and provides information related to use of the GO. The batteries can be charged while onboard the GO, in a charging dock or through an AC Plug Converter which can allow power to be drawn from a Super Battery and supplied to integrated USB ports and an AC outlet. Another accessory will add a USB-C port and two USB ports to a small cap that can be clipped to a battery to allow for even more power sharing.

The first consumer units of the Immotor GO will be shipping in June 20127 and are available for pre-order now on the Immotor site (direct link) for $1499.

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