"Studio" Effects Console

Singtrix Karaoke Like a Rock Star


Karaoke is not for everyone, but many find it entertaining, as singing popular songs with an audience of friends and strangers can be liberating. One substantial roadblock to the universal enjoyment of singing in public is that some of us, perhaps most, are not gifted with a pleasant singing voice. Autotuning technology alters the pitch of a voice recording and rescues the vocally-challenged. The excellent karaoke system from Singtrix autotunes user’s vocals on the fly for excellent performances from less-than-excellent singers.

Utilizing live vocal technology similar to that used by professional vocalists (even if they will not admit it), Singtrix effects include natural pitch-correction, harmonization, hard tune, reverb, delay and more. Designed to work with any smart device, Singtrix utilizes the user’s own song library, karaoke tracks, home music recordings, karaoke apps or any of the free YouTube channels that collect karaoke videos.

“Studio” Effects Console
Image Credit: Singtrix

After selecting one of the more than 300 presets built into the “Studio” effects console, the vocals are tuned to match the desired song style and performer. Additional harmonies and effects are easily added to performances with a single press of the “Hit Effect” button on the console.

The Singtrix “Personal Bundle” includes the “Studio” Effects Console and a microphone, requiring an outside speaker system while the “Party Bundle Premium Edition” adds a speaker/subwoofer with 40 watts of sound and a microphone stand custom designed to support the Singtrix studio. A multi-directional/multi-color LED lighting party-light is also available that synchronizes with the music if you are really looking for a complete karaoke bar experience.

We were sent a Singtrix “Party Bundle Premium Edition” to try, an especially fitting task because I enjoy karaoke once or twice a year with friends, rarely singing at home (other than in the shower) and always selecting songs that are forgiving. Using the Singtrix to enjoy karaoke at home was everything it promised, even the most cringe-worthy performance was corrected and before the night was over adults and kids alike were anxiously waiting for their next turn at the microphone… right after I belt out “I’m a Believer”.

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