Review: Legion of Collectors Serves Wonder Woman Treats

It’s a wonder they went with this box art


Did you know that there’s a Wonder Woman movie coming out on June 2nd? Last year we were bombarded with a heavy media push for Suicide Squad, especially within 30 days. Comparatively, there’s nothing much going on for Wonder Woman. Thankfully, Funko brought us some fun stuff to make up for it…but is it enough?


Starting slow.

I have to admit to being underwhelmed by the badge and by the box art. I know no-one else cares about the box art, but they usually get something so iconic. This art was so blegh that I didn’t even take a photo.

The pin made up for it. SO cute. Badge not as much.

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Next up, we have this absolutely adorable PintSize Wonder Woman. Look at that smile

HI there!

There was also a pair of Wonder Woman socks that I could not, for the life of me, get a good picture of. How sad.  I like my shirts, but this was cooler, right? Except GeekMom Corrina reports they’re cheap polyester and fit poorly. Which is a dissapointing thing. Was Funko scared dudes would not have worn a Wonder Woamn shirt? I would have!

There was also not a comic book this month, which I thought weird. Was that just me?

This was made up for by the inclusion of not one, but two Pops.

Insert Face-Off joke here.

Wonder Woman with lasso pose, and an enemy to face off against. I’m so glad they went more obscure than Circe. I left these in the box for my kids to open.

Oh, and if you’re my age, you want to buy the July box.

This flyer and the Funko Pint Size were really the standouts of the box. Sorry, but have to give a C+/B- to this one, Funko.
Note: Funko sends me these every month to review. I am the night.

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