Card Game ‘Drunken Goats’ Is a Fun and Simple Drinking Game for Grown Ups (#ad)

Drunken Goats is a game for grown-ups. It involves motivating people to imbibe alcohol. Usually we don’t need that much motivation to imbibe alcohol, but in social situations, sometimes it’s fun to build a structure around the encouragement to do so. The inventor, Daniel, also felt that the one problem most tabletop games had when trying to use them as a structure around which to encourage imbibing alcohol was that complex rules often got in the way of the imbibing. Or vice versa. And so, he became determined to solve this problem, or die trying happy.

In Drunken Goats, you collect pairs of each kind of Alcohol Card (Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Tequila etc.). Next players deploy their Action Cards to strategically block other opponent’s progress or steal/swap cards to build their hand. Just follow the simple instructions on each Action Card and throw in a little strategy to boot … it’s that easy! From bars to game night, Drunken Goats is THE ultimate party game. Each game of Drunken Goats only takes 10 minutes to play and can be enjoyed with or without drinking rules.

The Drunken Goats Kickstarter campaign is live now. For less than the price of a halfway-decent bottle of bourbon, you can pick up a special, limited signed first edition of the game, and make sure your next game night goes extra smoothly.

[Thanks to Daniel for sponsoring this post, and giving us another reason to drink game.]

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