Adagio Fandom Teas—Can You Find Your Cup of Tea?

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Photo: Rory Bristol

Every fandom in the Geekiverse has it’s own way of celebrating its characters. From ships to celebrating fictional holidays in the real world, fans will always find a way to manifest their passions in the real world. Recently, Adagio Teas reached out and asked me to try out their fandom blends. I was instantly on board, because of the plethora of options and features of the website.

First I perused the options. The Fandom Blends page features some of the most popular fandom collections, but you can search for anything from Harry Potter to .007. There are literally thousands of collections, each designed by a fan who felt compelled to share their creations.

Shoppers can order three sizes through Adagio. The sample tin is $5, and is not a great value for regularly purchasing your teas. It is, however, cheaper than the coffee house, and you get a nifty tin with fun art on it, so you can try new blends without too much guilt. The 3oz pouch is $12, and the 5oz tin is $24. I can’t pretend that that’s the best deal on the planet, but as we’ve all discovered: fandoms are rarely cheap, especially when you’re talking about gourmet options like custom tea blends.

First, let’s check out the teas I sampled from Supernatural, Doctor Who, the Arrowverse, My Neighbor Totoro, and the Wizarding World. I tried six blends from various creators and their fandom collections, and you can read on to find out about these blends.

Reader warning: Spoilers may appear!

Open for All Six Tea Blend Reviews

After exploring the fandom collections a bit, I realized that some of my fandoms weren’t represented exactly the way I’d hope they would be, and figured out how to share my own. This may be my favorite part of their website. If you don’t find exactly what you’d like, you can always “Make is so.”

For my endeavor, I took a stab at creating my own Harry Potter tea blends. Mostly, this was inspired by my inability to find Slytherin and Ravenclaw blends that really spoke to me. I did give Ambition a try, as I reviewed above, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Photo: Rory Bristol

I designed four teas, each inspired by the Hogwarts Houses of the Wizarding World. I designed a bit of art for each one, and gave them titles that matched both the tea and the House for which the blend was designed. I researched the teas, created the blends based on my research and reviews I found on Adagio, and hoped for the best. I ordered all four, and tried them out, with pretty good results, overall. I’ve since gone back and updated the descriptions based on my experience.

Open for Rory's 4 Harry Potter Blends

Finally, one of my favorite features of Adagio blends is that the people who create the blends get points towards free tea when their teas sell. It rewards you for creating delicious blends that are worth the time of fellow fans. Creators can also opt to donate their cut to charity, which sends 5% of their sales to a charity of the creator’s choice.


Adagio has thousands of fandom teas which are fan-designed and can be inspired by just about anything. There are great collections for popular fandoms, and some less well-known ones, too. Take advantage of the sample tins to try new teas, then buy in bulk for a better value once you know what you like.  If you don’t find what you like, blend your own, and order it. There’s no minimum order, so you can try just about any mix you like.

Have you tried any of Adagio’s teas? Do you have a fandom you’d like to see represented? Tweet me @TerminallyRory and let me know!

Disclaimer: Adagio provided a gift card for review purposes. I chose all teas, and designed my own independently.

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