2017 Denver Comic Con Countdown

The Denver Comic Con, one of the largest pop culture conventions in the country, returns to the Colorado Convention Center June 30 through July 2. While it’s still a month away, it’s never too early—and for some things, it’s already too late—to start planning your comic con experience. Here are a few things you should be thinking about now.


If you haven’t already bought your tickets, do this first. Speed Pass and 3-Day Adult tickets are already gone, and as the date approaches, the other days will almost certainly sell out as well. Every year without fail, some version of this conversation happens.

Me: “We’re headed to the comic con this weekend.”
Them: “Oh, cool. I might swing by there on Saturday.”
Me: “Um, they sold out last week.”
Them: “Really? They sell out?”

Adult ticket prices are:




Child tickets for kids aged 3-12 are $8.25, and each child ticket is good for all three days. All child ticket holders must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder.


If you’re coming from outside the area, the DCC has teamed up with local hotels to provide special rates to con attendees. Book quickly, though. Half of them are already filled.

Special Events

Throughout the month of June, Pop Culture Classroom, the organizers of the DCC, are hosting a number of events at local area bars, theaters, and other businesses. Check out their calendar to get a taste of the con before the con.

Develop a Plan

With 300+ hours of demonstrations, workshops, and panels crammed into one weekend, it is literally impossible to see everything. Having a plan of attack can help, but be sure to leave time for people watching and browsing the artists, authors, and merchants. Follow Denver Comic Con on Facebook to be notified when the planning app is ready for download and you can browse and schedule events from your mobile device.

Celebrity Photos / Autographs

Approximately two weeks before the convention, you will be able to schedule and purchase photo opportunities with celebrities. Popular days and times will sell out for some guests, so get in and get these scheduled as soon as possible. Also, when planning your day, leave plenty of time for line-standing. Photos are scheduled in advance, but autograph lines are first come, first served (except for Speed Pass holders), and are cash only.

Keep in mind that not all celebrities will be at the convention all days. You can see a list of celebrities that will be in Celebrity Summit, as well as the prices for their autographs and photos, on the DCC website.


If you plan to cosplay at the DCC this year, be sure to check out the DCC Cosplay Guidelines. You do not want to work for months on a killer cosplay only to be turned aside at the door or forced to cover it up.

Is It Safe?

Everyone loves a good Deadpool, but keep in mind that those sweet replica .45s are not going to be allowed. Ditto the clan MacLeod broadsword or the Oliver Queen compound bow (unless you unstring it). While these examples may be obvious, others may not be. Blunt weapons like Casey Jones’s cricket bat or projectile weapons such as Nerf guns are also prohibited.

Is It Appropriate?

The general rule is that the DCC is a family event, and you should keep your cosplay rated PG. Like film ratings themselves, this does leave a lot up to interpretation. See the DCC website for full cosplay rules.

Author’s Note: I would implore the volunteers and staff of the DCC to please be cognizant of your own potential biases and treat all people equally. The perceived attractiveness of the cosplayer to you is not a valid factor in determining if a costume is appropriate. A well-endowed woman in a sports bra is not a violation, but that muscular shirtless guy is.

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