10 Awesome New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

Circuit Scribe: DIY Electronic Kits

This crew is back with kits that leverage their amazing conductive ink.


Pioneer Plaque: A Message from Earth

Replicating the original plaques that left our solar system on Pioneer 10 and 11.


The City Clock – Paris design

An architectural binary clock “for tech-lovers who are also poets.”


SolarGaps – Energy Generating Solar Panel Window Blinds

Can’t put a solar panel on your roof? Stick one in your window.


degree° – continuous in-ear thermometer for children

Sends each bump in a child’s temperature to a parent’s smartphone.


Seed turntable | Quality, power and design, in one setup

Just a handsome little sound system that plays vinyl and streams music.


Como Audio Amico: Portable, Multi-Room Wifi Music System

A battery-powered super-radio from the founder of Tivoli Audio.


See with LinkSquare SDK: Like Your Eyes, but Better

Bringing spectroscopy to the masses.


ClayXYZ: Desktop 3D Clay Printer, Create Your Own Artwork!

Good timing—as materials go, clay was starting to feel a little ancient.


Squawk Squad – Saving New Zealand’s Native Birds

Traps to keep predators out of bird sanctuaries. See also BeeScanning, penguin nests.

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