For Cold Brewed Coffee on the Go, Try Dripo



Cold brew is all the rage right now in the coffee geek world. It takes patience and planning–setting up your drip and letting it go for a couple hours to get results, but the output has all the best flavor of your favorite bean while avoiding the acidity and bitterness that hot brewing can add. The problem is, making your own on the go hasn’t really been an option until now.

Enter Dripo, a personal cold brew coffee system that you can take with you. It’s a simple design: you put ice water in the top section, grounds in the middle, let it sit, and in a couple hours, you have a perfect cup of cold brew. Perfect for traveling or keeping in your desk at work where the free coffee doesn’t pass muster and they won’t let you have a drip machine in your cubicle. Just grind your favorite beans in the morning and bring them with you. You can even prep it in the morning, carry it with you to work, and have the cold brew ready for you when you get there!

The folks at Dripo sent me a unit to try out, and it works as billed. This certainly isn’t for a quick fix, but if you have the patience to wait for a really good cup of coffee, Dripo delivers.

Dripo is available for $30 at Amazon.

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