Nightingale Sleep System Sings Sweet Dreams

Sometimes the Internet of Things (IoT) is not about automating a task or gathering data, sometimes it is just about solving a normal human problem. Nightingale produces customized ambient sounds specifically tuned to mask unwanted noises. The system uses a pair of units that work in tandem to diffuse the sounds, creating uniform coverage to mask disturbing interruptions.

The developers call these sounds “sound blankets” because they consider the architecture of the room the Nightingale devices are placed in (wood floors, windows, carpet) and utilizes the walls to reflect sound blankets into the space. This means the brain can’t perceive where the sound is coming from, making it blend into the background. The sound blankets are designed by acoustics experts to hide more than just simple noise, but also to alleviate common sleep conditions, such as tinnitus or snoring from an adjacent room.

Nightingale is programmed through a mobile application for iOS (an Android version is coming soon) or through a Wi-Fi connection to Amazon Alexa or other smart home appliances like Ring or Nest. Multiple installations of Nightingale can be controlled across several bedrooms or several residences through the mobile app or web browser.

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Nightingale Sound Blankets mask unwanted noise.
Image Credit: Nightingale

Automatic scheduling of the Nightingale system turns it on before bedtime and shuts it off before morning. In addition to the ambient sound blankets, the devices can play a variety of nature sounds to help users fall asleep.

Each Nightingale device draws power by plugging into an electrical outlet, but it does not block them thanks to two pass-through outlets. The Nightingale devices are only 1″ thick, meaning its sleek design can blend into the surrounding décor or hide behind existing furniture.

Complete details for the system can be found at the Nightingale website. Kits with a pair of Nightingale devices are available now on Amazon.

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