01 InstruMMent device is the tape measure for the future.

New Tech InstruMMents Evolve Old-School Tools

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01 InstruMMent device is the tape measure for the future.Designed to replace the most common and antiquated measuring tools, the “01 InstruMMents” (called the “zero-one”) provides precision measurements of both physical objects and scaled drawings. The dimensions from scaled rulers and tape measures are inherently open to discrepancies based on the manual precision of the user–the 01 rolls to capture dimensions of any object and displays the information through the dedicated iOS or Android mobile application. The rolling mechanism is particularly effective when measuring a curved object in the field, rather than struggling with a tape measure.

The appearance of the 01 InstruMMent is consistent with its high-tech function and its design-focused audience. The highly-engineered rolling mechanism uses a proprietary magnetic sensor and gear system to measure with accuracy up to 0.1mm. The case of the 01 is carved from aluminum and the barrel that can hold a pen, pencil, or stylus. Finding start and finish points accurately is simple with the use of the elegantly installed laser indicator in the 01.

The InstruMMents application does much more than present the readings from the 01 device; different settings allow users to read scaled drawings and capture quick width/height/depth measurements. The laser indicator can even be set to blink at designated intervals, allowing the 01 to set a grid, useful for gauging dimensions without your phone.

A “pro” version of the application is expected this spring with extra features, including the ability to capture complex curves and export them to CAD systems.

With a suggested retail price of only $149.99, the “01 InstruMMent” is a great idea for a designer, engineer, architect, DIYer, home show fanatic, or anyone requiring a precision measuring tool. All the different variations of the 01 are available now on the InstruMMents website (direct link) along with several accessories and refills for the different models.

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