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In this week’s DC on The CW recap, we take a look back at the Supergirl/The Flash musical crossover episodes, trek into the middle of hell on earth with the Legends of Tomorrow and J.R.R. Tolkien, and take confession with Oliver Queen on Arrow. We discussed the episodes on the GeekDad Facebook page as they aired and throughout the week. Here are some of the highlights of those conversations.

‘Supergirl’ episode 2.16, “Star-Crossed”

Lisa H: Ya know this romance is gonna go bad right? Kara just said how happy she is…So clearly it’s gonna be bad.

Lisa H: There it is! Things you should mention when courting a Kryptonian, "Oh hey! Did I mention I was that Prince you thought was an ass? Cause I am. Kay?"
 Lisa H: "I tried to tell you." Um no. No you didn't.

Joey: When did he try, again? First lies, then gaslighting, now shifting the blame. Great guy, this one.

Lisa H: I was really happy that Kara didn't take him back and I hope she sticks to it. Because this level of lying is abusive. Supergirl should NOT be in an abusive relationship.

Joey: Yeah... at least until she wakes up from that coma...

Lisa H: Ugh. Why?! Why did she forgive him?? No Supergirl! Bad Kryptonian! You do not trust a man who lied to you.


Lisa H: “To make Daxum great again”. Ick

Joey: There are no shades of gray with these writers. No nuance. Just beating you over the head with the politics, as if the average CW viewer is too stupid to get the message if they are subtle with it.

Lisa H: It's kinda sad. It takes creativity and intelligence to properly do political commentary like they are trying to do...clearly they either don't have those things are aren't trying very hard at all.


Joey:  If you’ve gotta be oppressed, there are worse ways than by being on a drunken party planet…

Lisa H: Ain't no party like a Daxum party cause a Daxum party don't stop...even for the annihilation of the planet.


Lisa H: So J’onn can’t afford to trust Lyra why not read her mind??

Joey: They have convenient, plot-related amnesia when it comes to J'onn being the most powerful character on this show.

Lisa H: It's the old "ignore what you know to serve the story I want to tell". That's writers are so guilty of it.


Joey: Still not the worst “meet the parents” in history.

Lisa H: That begs the question...what was the worst "meet the parents" in history?

Joey: Hmmm...

‘The Flash’ episode 3.17, “Duet”

Corrina: Less talking, more singing!

Lisa H: This is my new motto.


Joey: These are some great names. Grady. Cutter. Digsy.

Corrina: Tommy son of...Merlyn.

Joey: Ok, that Barrowman's character, Cutter, has a son named "Tommy"... nice touch.

Lisa H: I was wondering how they were gonna work him in.


Lisa H: What’s with the bad attempt at a Jersey accent from Iris/Millie? It hurts me.

Jim: I loved the cartoon accent on Winn though.

Lisa H: Maybe he just pulled it off better??


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Joey: That cathartic moment when not-your-exes are sucking face in a dream world. Or something.

Lisa H: I echo Kara's "gross".

Joey: So, yeah... the breakups on both shows were nothing more than plot devices to set up the musical crossover. Lame!

Corrina: Yes, it was.

Lisa H: Grrr. Bad writing!! Bad bad writing!!

Lisa H: Again...Hit me over the head why don't ya?


Joey: And… everybody’s dead.

Lisa H: Ummm....

Joey: There... there's a worse "meet the parents" moment.


Lisa H: Okay…Recap thoughts. On a scale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Grey’s Anatomy (with Buffy clearly being the best and we just don’t have enough time to discuss all the ways the Grey’s musical and well show was just terrible) this was closer to Buffy. However let me be crystal clear here. This was fun. Super fun (couldn’t resist). But! It does not hold a candle to “Once More with Feeling” in any of the Multiverses. “Once More with Feeling” not only moved the larger arc of the season along but it did so with original songs and without ever breaking the construct of the show. It still holds the top TV musical spot. The only remedy for this is for the entire Berlantiverse to get in on Mega Crossover written AND directed by Joss Whedon. All in favor?

‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ episode 2.15, “Fellowship of the Spear”


Corrina: Clearly, they need to find Mt. Doom.

Lisa H: The middle of hell on Earth. Ha they have to go to middle Earth.

Corrina: I was actually kidding about the Mt. Doom thing originally.....

Corrina: So...they...Tolkien is now meta text?

Joey: Tolkien, George Lucas... all in good fun.


Joey: Mick tried to destroy the spear… that makes him Gimli, right?

Joey: Nope, he's Smeagol to Snart's Gollum.

Lisa H: What's the end game on the Snart hallucinations?

Lisa H: Or is he a time remnant?

Lisa H: Ooh he's alive! And part of the Legion!

Joey: Amaya's not gonna make it past the end of this episode, is she?

Lisa H: Nope. Don't think she will.


Lisa H: “What if they don’t know how to use it?” That’s a pretty big if…

Lisa H: See? They have the owners manual.

‘Arrow’ episode 5.17, “Kapiushon”

Joey: Merlyn and Kovar? Whaaaaa…..?

Lisa H: I can't say it's shocking...Makes sense actually. Why wouldn't an international business man have dealings with Russians?

Joey: Of all the gin jointsin all the towns in all the world, Merlyn walks into Kovar's...


Lisa H: Now that was a good fight scene!

Joey: Dear Iron Fist producers... I hope you were watching.

Lisa H: Oh no. Is it bad? I haven't seen it yet!

Joey:  I'll just leave this here: https://geekdad.com/2017/03/iron-fist-not-bingeworthy/


Joey: Hey, Artemis is back.

Joey: And... she's dead (maybe).

Joey: That's what I figured.

Lisa H: And it looks like she's got Stockholm syndrome.

Lisa H: Oh no. So sad.

Lisa H: Just kidding.

Coming up this week with DC on The CW, Kevin Smith returns to Supergirl (which of his family and/or friends will he drag onscreen?), The Flash receives a visit from a villain from the future who may or may not know Savitar’s identity, the Legends of Tomorrow visit the Legion of Doom’s new reality, and Ollie calls in the Bratva to help deal with Prometheus on Arrow. Join us on the GeekDad Facebook page as we discuss the episodes as they air and throughout the week. Add your thoughts to the Facebook comments and they just might be included in next week’s recap right here at GeekDad!

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