Daily Deals 021917

Get a Cool Arts/Crafts/Drafting Table for $120, Funko POP! Wonder Woman on Sale – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 021917

Geeks do a lot of crafty things. We draw our own RPG maps and paint figures. We do sewing and quilting, and everything needed for awesome cosplay. We’re creative people. So this handy craft table could be really useful for any geek, especially since it’s easy to mod for whatever specific geeky craft you want to use it for. And it’s on sale today for just $120!

The introduction of the new DC Movie Universe Wonder Woman may have been the best (only good) thing about BvS, especially since it means we get some great Wonder Woman action figures, including they always excellent output from Funko POP! You can get this WW figure today for just $10!


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