Daily Deals 012517

Save Big on a Wireless IP Camera or a Roll-up Silicon LEGO Building Mat – Daily Deals!

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Daily Deals 012517

Need a cheap and easy way to keep an eye on your pets, see when the kids get home from school, or know who’s coming up the front walk? Here’s a basic wifi-connected camera, with sound and microphone, that you can hook up to your home network and access remotely. We do recommend that you not point it at anything you’d rather others not see – remember, anything you connect to your home network is not that hard for others to hack into, so… just food for thought. But this is a pretty good deal at $42 today!

How about a roll-up silicone play mat for LEGO brick-building fun? This mat is 12″ x 32″ and two-sided to with with different sized bricks. It’s on sale today for just $23!


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