CES Report – Epson Moverio AR Glasses for DJI Drones

Epson Moverio Smart Glasses provide an augmented reality view for drone pilots.
Image Credit: Epson

Epson announced that the highly anticipated Drone Edition of the Moverio BT-300 augmented reality (AR) smart eyewear platform will be available later this month.

Optimized for use with DJI hardware, the Moverio BT-300 Drone Edition glasses will enhance the safety, productivity and capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) aka “drones”.

Now in our sixth year in the Augmented Reality eyewear space, Epson’s Moverio platform has driven interest and sales increases exponentially year after year. Our newest Moverio BT-300 will certainly drive our business to new highs. We’re especially excited to be partnered with DJI to make flying a safer and more productive experience. We firmly believe that UAV is our killer application.
— Eric Mizufuka, Product Manager, New Ventures for Epson America

The Moverio BT-300 Drone Edition is pre-loaded with the DJI GO app for use with most DJI hardware and features clip-on dark shades for use in bright sunlight as well as special fasteners that secure the Moverio controller onto the DJI Phantom and Inspire mounting bracket. The BT-300 version of the Moverio glasses (including the Drone and Developer editions) are 70% lighter than the first generation of Epson’s smart glasses and boast a 5 mega-pixel camera and on-board sensors to recognize objects in the real world. The unique silicon-based Si-OLED projection system can seamlessly render 3D content in the real world, with no display background or edges in the field of view.

The FAA has maintained the rule that UAVs must remain within the visual line-of-sight of the remote pilot, reinforcing the relevance of the Moverio Drone Edition. UAV pilots are able to experience transparent first person views (FPV) from the drone camera with the Moverio BT-300 Drone Edition while simultaneously maintaining their line of sight with their aircraft.

DJI Drone and Epson Moverio Smart Glasses.
Image Credit: Epson

The Moverio BT-300 Drone Edition will ship with a suggested retail price of $799. Complete details for the Moverio Drone Edition are available at epson.com/moverio.

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  • I am very upset that you use dji there is other big companys out there i hope it is something simple like software please set it for my YUNEEC typhone 4 then i will buy your glass right away.