CES Report – Smart Detection of Radon with Airthings Wave

Another report from CES featuring a device that takes an existing system and uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to not only improve its function but also the health, safety and welfare of those who use it.

The new Wave radon detector from Airthings gives homeowners much more than just an alert when radon levels are dangerously high: it provides long-term analysis of the dangerous gas.

The Airthings Wave radon monitor.
Image Credit: Airthings

The danger of radon exposure is well documented, but still claims the lives of approximately 21,000 Americans each year, more than six times the number of deaths from house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning combined. The most common type of radon test kit used today is based on charcoal canisters, which only provide a short-term measurement (days) and require being sent to a lab for analysis – this is problematic because radon levels fluctuate significantly due to several different factors.

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The Airthings Wave solves this by changing the way radon is measured through digital sensors and smart home technology, allowing for the combination of real-time radon levels and long-term measurement.

The Wave takes environmental factors into account though temperature and humidity sensors in addition to monitoring radon. This real-time data is an imperative and significant differentiator because radon levels are dynamic and require continuous monitoring to determine potential dangers.

The Airthings Wave radon monitor syncs with an app to share real-time and long-term data.
Image Credit: Airthings

The Wave unit itself provides status reports of air quality through a simple indicator light. The important monitoring from the Wave device synchronizes with a dedicated smart-device application to present its findings, in real-time, daily, weekly, monthly and annual increments. When Wave detects high radon levels for a period exceeding national guidelines, (48 hours in the United States) users will be notified and receive recommendations on how to reduce radon in their home.

Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show’s CES Unveiled event in Las Vegas, the Airthings Wave is available for preorder for $199 and will begin shipping in early March 2017. Visit the Airthings website (here) for more information and ordering.

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