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"Invincible" - Super Geek Box, November 2016
“Invincible” – Super Geek Box, November 2016

This year I wrote a series of articles where I rated several monthly subscription boxes based on their quality, price, and theme. Now, as 2016 – and this experiment – come to a close, I think it’s worth doing one final round up of the round ups and declare a “winner”. While some of the boxes could be hit and miss, and others were just straight up bad, the consistent winner throughout the year was Super Geek Box. Despite being one of the least expensive sub boxes out there, they regularly came in ahead of larger boxes that were as much as $10-$15 more.

One of my favorite aspects of the Super Geek Box was the themes. Part of the fun of a subscription box, heck most of the fun of a subscription box is in the surprise. Every month was like Christmas morning as the boys would open that month’s box, excited to see what new geeky treasures lay within. As they would pull out one item after another, we would all try to figure out what they had in common. One month it may be R2-D2, BB8, Yoshi, Jake the Dog, and Groot (sidekicks), and the next month Deadpool, Wolverine, a Super Star keychain, and a Kenny from Southpark sticker (invincible). The themes are often very timely as well. This month, for example, the theme of “Rogue” included some fuzzy Chewbacca socks and a NASA inspired “REBEL” t-shirt.

The Super Geek Box subscription box is $12.92/month if you pay monthly or $11.92 if you go with a six month plan (add $7 s/h per box). I think we can all agree that, for many reasons, we’re all ready to toss 2016 onto the ash heap of history. While I have no idea what 2017 may bring, it’s nice to know that for less than $20 a month, I can guarantee at least 12 happy, geek-filled days this coming year.

Here are a few of my favorites from this year.

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Super Geek Box


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