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Gaming Doubloons

Metal pirate doubloon replicas are a cheap way to get some excellent gaming coins. The doubloons are available from Amazon, but I found the cheapest source on eBay, at just $100 for 500 coins. The pirate doubloons are around the size of a quarter and come in shiny gold and silver, as well as antique gold and silver. The front and back of each coin is different, but other than color every coin is the same.

Doubloon types
The coins come in shiny gold and silver as well as antiqued gold and silver. The antiqued coins aren’t as easy to distinguish from one another. You can see the two sides depicted here, with the first three showing one side and the last showing the opposite side of the coin. All coins are identical other than color. Photo by Ryan Hiller.
The doubloon is about the size of a quarter. Photo by Ryan Hiller.
Doubloon width
The coins I purchased from eBay are slightly thinner than a quarter. Photo by Ryan Hiller.

Gaming coins, such as the Norse Foundry coins reviewed by GeekDad’s Z, are often available in various themes and denominations and used in role playing games, in lieu of cardboard tokens in board games, for card games, or just for play. While a great addition for gaming, these coins are often pretty spendy for just a few of them. You can expect to pay around a dollar per coin. They eBay coins I purchased were just 22 cents per doubloon including shipping.

While the doubloons alone can add some realism to a board game or your roleplaying, there’s no reason you can’t spice up your coin collection with some more expensive, themed coins, and of course you can always make your own with some cold casting!

These doubloons lack the heft and many varied designs of some more expensive coins available, but for not a great deal of money I was able to get enough coins to satisfy the needs of any board games I have. Lacking denominations on the coins, for quick reference I plan to just lay out the games tokens, with the doubloon matching the denomination it’s replacing.

Doubloon pile
Treasure! Photo by Ryan Hiller.
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