GBBP 103: Shea Fontana

The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 103: Shea Fontana

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Today on the show, we’re talking to Shea Fontana, the dominant creative voice behind DC Super Hero Girls. If you’re not familiar (and if you’re reading this site, I find that hard to believe), the show recasts the female superheroes of the DC universe as high school friends. They’re all the same age (i.e., Wonder Woman and Batgirl are classmates), and they face many of the same challenges that real-life teens do: homework, friendships, teachers, peer pressure, bullying, and so on.

Shea has a history in animation writing (Doc McStuffins, The 7D), but DC Super Hero Girls is where she shines. She’s the lead writer on the webisodes, the direct-to-DVD movies, and the graphic novels. It’s her baby.

On this episode, we talk about “reimagining” the characters for the show, the qualities of great kids entertainment, writing for television vs graphic novels, and–if given the chance to further explore the characters–whether she’d like to age them up or down. We also touch on her work with Disney on Ice (she wrote the script for Follow Your Heart) and her involvement in roller derby.



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