Daily Deals 090216

Save Big on PCs and Laptops From Lenovo, Asus and More; 5-Pack of USB Night Lights

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 090216

Big deals today on a good selection of desktops and laptops from brands like Lenovo, MSI, Asus, and Acer, plus some good accessories. Check out all the deals here.

This is a genius little idea: LEDs are a low-power light source, and USB is a low-powered port; why not combine the two. Everyone has either a computer with USB ports in their room, or some kind of USB charger, so you can find places to put these USB-powered LED night lights pretty much anywhere. They’re bare-bones, just the UBS port, some circuitry, a photovoltaic sensor for automated control, and three bright LEDs that will provide safe illumination in the dark. You can get a five-pack of these for just $15 today.


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