When a Marvel Mom Begets a DC Fan

When our third spawnling was born a girl (after two boys), some of our family and friends went nuts. I understand—I too was disappointed she was not the velociraptor I was led to believe was growing in my belly.

Then I realised, they were more excited about her potential princess clashing with my “tomboy” ways. They also were left disappointed when we all discovered the situation was far, far worse.

My Marvel-loving loins had given birth to … A DC fan.

Marvel EG Mum V. Batgirl Zaltu

No matter how hard I try to show her X-Men or Spiderman or any of the Avengers, she just picks up her Batgirl and whispers, “Babs says no.”

I know, I know. Devastating. And it just keeps spiralling down every level of Dante’s Hell after that.

She loves Star Wars. Seriously – at 3, she can name all the characters, tweet like BB-8 and asks for goggles like Rey. Try to show her a Tribble, and she screams Prime Directive at me, claiming I am inhibiting her natural love for all things Lucas.

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She chooses a kart in Mario Kart 8 and refuses to acknowledge either the technical or the aesthetic benefits of the bikes. And when she really wants to troll me, she makes me choose Luigi to share with her in the Family Weekend Cup. The SHAME.

Speaking of trolling, she had me searching all over Oz Comic-Con for a plush toy Eevee, only to find one herself after 7 minutes inside the venue. If you prefer a different Pokemon, prepared to be schooled in how lame your choice is. She cackled at my Growlithe.

We caught a wild Eevee!

She is a Dreamworks fan. Given she is a little young to truly appreciate the emotional manipulation of Pixar (except for Cars–She will watch Cars 2 repetitively on Netflix if you fall asleep on the couch), she will still go for Pandas, Dragons, and Penguins over talking toys and lost fish any day.

Have I given up on any of these battles?

I’d like to say no. But anyone with a 3yo knows I would be lying.

I am at least conceding to the fact DC Superhero Girls does make the whole genre very approachable to Zaltu’s age group. While Rogue will always be my ultimate favourite, I admit she is not exactly role model material for very young minds. Things are changing with the guard: Iron Man; Moon Girl; Spider-Gwen. But these are all fairly new and not as easily accessible for Zaltu as the DC Marketing Machine.

So I will wear my Wonder Woman t-shirt. And I will role-play as Catwoman when she wants to chase the bad guys. And I will even nod and smile when she tells me Batman is the bestest superhero in the whole multiverse!!

Photo by EG Mum

Because I am happy she has found her geekdom. And she wants to share it with me.

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