Geekify Handcrafted Creations Bring Fantasy to Life

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Geekify Neverending Story Fur

At one time or another, most geeks have dreamed of wielding a light saber, a magic wand, or an elvish sword. Perhaps as a kid you used LEGO to create your own Star Trek communicator, or cut your own batarang out of a refrigerator box. Even into adulthood, many of us continue to make or buy iconic items from our favorite fictional universes. The very few among us may even go as far as buying actual props from the movie set.

"Psych", USA Network
Shawn and Gus in authentic Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: The Next Generation headgear. “Psych,” USA Network

The first time I saw The Neverending Story, I was around the same age as Bastian, the main character. As a kid who regularly escaped from the real world into the world of books, this movie struck a rather resounding chord with me. It was also one of the first stories with a message, however unsubtle, that I figured out on my own, and I made it a part of my personal pre-teen ideology: I would not allow “The Nothing” to destroy my Fantasia.

I tell you this so you can understand why, when I happened upon the book above at the Geekify booth at the Denver Mini Maker Faire, my heart began racing like I had just seen the One Ring or a weathered pair of sandalwood revolvers. It awakened the Bastian inside me that had been silent for 30 years. I wanted to open a window into the pouring rain and scream, “Moon Child!!!” (Actually, I wanted to scream “Margaret,” since I never understood what it was he was saying until years later and assumed it was his mother’s name.) When I talked with John from Geekify about featuring their work on GeekDad, he said he’d send along a sample of their products. I have never been more excited about an impending shipment, and I am happy to say that they did not disappoint. Every item is exquisitely detailed and created from high quality materials. Leave one of these lying around, and I guarantee you will be the envy of every geek in your life.

Cthulhu parchment, Auryn Necklace and iPad Mini Cover (The Neverending Story), Skyrim Dragonborn pendant, The Handbook for the Recently Deceased sketch book (Beetlejuice)
Cthulhu parchment, Auryn Necklace, and iPad Mini Cover (The Neverending Story), Skyrim Dragonborn pendant, The Handbook for the Recently Deceased sketch book (Beetlejuice)

The beauty of Geekify products is that they all call to our inner geek child, the one we let out to play when we watch movies like The Lord of the Rings or The Labyrinth. What Tolkien fan never wished they had a copy of the red book or Buffy fan never wished to get their hands on that giant Vampyr tome? What secrets could be found in River Song’s journal or the Handbook for the Recently Deceased? Every one of these, and countless others, are available from the Geekify website as handmade phone covers, iPad/Kindle covers, or blank journals and sketch books. GeekDad readers can get 10% off their order by using the code “Geek2016”. If you’re a family member reading this and wondering what you can get me for Christmas, I do have one idea.

More Geekify awesomeness
More Geekify awesomeness. Left to right, top to bottom: Pirata Codex (Pirates of the Caribbean), Hydra Soviet Red Book (Captain America: Civil War), Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, River Song’s Diary (Doctor Who), Gray’s Sports Almanac (Back to the Future), The Red Book of Westmarch (The Lord of the Rings)

Geekify is so much more than just books, however awesome those books may be. Billed as, “…a mad scientist’s lab and a full production workshop, run by a team of multi-talented tinkers and creatives, dedicated to producing top quality merchandise and unique gizmos, gadgets, and gear for geeks of all types,” their clientele includes game studios, film and entertainment companies, media and marketing firms, and retail stores. Their capabilities include custom leatherwork, screenprinting, 3D printing, metal and jewelry casting, vacuum forming, and more. If you’ve ever dreamed about creating something amazing, but didn’t know how, Geekify is a great place to start.

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