Boogie Board Jot 4.5 and Scribble n’ Play

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BoogieBoards-FeaturedHere at GeekDad and GeekMom we are big fans of the entire line of Boogie Boards, and their two newest offerings do not disappoint.

Boogie Board Scribble n’ Play Featuring Colorburst™

BoogieBoards-ScribblenPlayThe Scribble n’ Play is just what it sounds like–its a Boogie Board designed for drawing and goofing around. What is really cool about it, though, is that has a color screen, and, instead of a single, standard stylus, it includes four stylus tools that have different tip shapes and sizes as well as different nubs and knobs along the sides to create a variety of lines and textures.

BoogieBoards-ScribblenPlayCThe four styluses snap right onto the Scribble n’ Play securely enough that I’m not worried about them getting lost, but they were also easy enough for my three-year-old son to get on and off by himself. Although my son hasn’t really gotten to the point of drawing things, he did have a lot of fun, appropriately, just scribbling and trying to fill in the whole screen. The challenge was getting a photo of his creation before he hit the reset button!

The Scribble n’ Play battery lasts up to seven years and is very eco-friendly, especially compared to paper and crayons or markers that my son would use to do the same thing more traditionally. Don’t worry, we do still do traditional art as well, but sometimes its nice not to have to worry about clean-up afterwards.

The Scribble n’ Play can be purchased on Amazon or direct from Boogie Board.

Boogie Board Jot 4.5 Featuring Clearview™

BoogieBoards-JotThe Jot 4.5 with Clearview is the same as the original Jot 4.5, but with no back on it. This transforms the Jot from a grownup writing instrument, to an educational kids’ toy. So what exactly is Clearview? The LCD screen is translucent instead of black. The protective cover on the Jot can be attached to the back of the Jot and can hold the included flash cards or any other text or images you want. This allows kids to trace things which is especially helpful for learning to write. Just like the original, the stylus snaps right on to the Jot.

BoogieBoards-JotCardsThe included flash cards come in two varieties–single big letter cards  for tracing (that have a little image and word that starts with the letter as well as numbered steps for writing the letter) and small letter cards (that allow for tracing and repetition). Think of it like those paper workbooks you often see for learning writing but without all the paper and mess! My son, who is three-years-old, loves trying to trace the letters. And the small form factor of the Jot means he can do it just about anywhere.

Like the Scribble n’ Play, the Jot battery lasts up to seven years and is very eco-friendly, especially considering how quickly my son goes through paper when trying to draw or write letters normally. We have gotten a ton of use out of the Jot, and I highly recommend it, especially for kids learning to write letters.

The Jot can be purchased on Amazon or direct from Boogie Board.

Note: I received review units of both products but all thoughts and opinions above are my own.

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