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Back to School: Spencer’s Has the Backpacks You’re Looking For

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When I was a lad, sometime in the last millennium, when Britain still had a coal industry, I hated the words “back to school.” Not because I disliked school or didn’t want to go back. My gripe was with the timing of when the words appeared.

The last thing a child wants to see during the first week of their summer break are those three little words. I can remember seeing, on at least one occasion, a “back to school” sign before I’d even finished the previous term.

It was bad enough being forced to go shopping with my Mum, when I’d rather be in the park, without being reminded that I’d soon be back in the classroom, staring longingly out of the window, waiting to get home and play Star Wars/D&D/soccer. (Which one is age dependent.)

If there had been a shop in town like Spencer’s (online store here), I would have had nothing to fear. It’s pure geek manna. They could have a “Back to School” sign up in February and I wouldn’t have cared.

If you’re looking to re-kit yourself or your children before they head back to whatever education establishment they might attend, then Spencer’s has some pretty sweet deals to help you find exactly what you’re after.

Up until September 5th, they have 50% off a host of backpacks. If you’re after PokemonStar Wars or DC ComicsSpencer’s has it. In all shapes, sizes, colors, and price brackets.

There’s a buy one, get one half price deal on t-shirts. A lot of these are for children significantly older than mine, but there’s a healthy array of superhero, gamer, and movie tees. Money might be in short supply for those heading off to college, but what small change you do have can be nestled in a fine selection of geeky wallets.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to put some geek style into your back to school get-up, then Spencer’s has probably got it.

Note: Beware letting younger geeks rummage around on the Spencer’s website. The “naughty” section has nothing to do with not handing homework in on time.

I have two boys who can’t wait to go back to school with these bad boys

Disclaimer: I received two backpacks and a wallet as samples of Spencer’s stock, in order to write this piece

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