Weekly Poll: Space Probes

Artist’s conception of Juno at Jupiter. Credit: Wiki Commons

This week, NASA’s Juno probe reached Jupiter to begin its two-year exploration of the planet. But at the end of that mission, Juno will plunge into the planet, gathering whatever data it can before it is destroyed. That same year, Cassini will suffer the same fate at Saturn. But once that happens, for the first time in 40 years, the agency will have no probes operating in the outer solar system. While the agency has longer-range plans–they are mandated by Congress to launch a probe to Europa by 2022–it is still somewhat disappointing that nothing is currently heading out there.

So to mark both the arrival of Juno and this gap in exploration, this week’s poll seeks to see which of the probes currently out there most excite you, our readers.

[poll id=”66″]

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