Game of the Week: ‘Fisticuffs’

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We believe that few things are as enjoyable as sitting around the living room floor, playing a game with your family. Each week, in the ‘Game of the Week’ column, GeekDad will suggest a fun, family-friendly game everyone can enjoy while spending time together. Here’s this week’s pick:


Fisticuffs is a fun, filler game for 4-6 people. Its simple enough to learn quickly, yet the different character abilities and free-for-all playing style allows for strategic moves you don’t find in basic turn-based card games.

Players select a fighter, receive five cards, and the round begins. Using punches, rushes, and feints, combatants block, punch, stomp, and spit at each other until one player is dealt a blow they cannot block (or that nobody blocks for them). Damage is dealt based on the attack, and the next player starts a new brawl. This continues until every player has initiated a brawl, ending the round. Each round, players refill their punches and add special “”Round”” cards to their hands. Play continues until there is only one left standing.

Once we finally figured out how each card worked (I highly recommend watching the play-through video), our family had a lot of fun with this game. The box says 15–30 minutes, but we found most of our games rarely went beyond the 15-minute mark. There are eight different characters with special abilities, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. On the first few plays, you can draw a character randomly or just pick one you think looks cool.

I received a review copy of this game from Nerdologues. All opinions are my own.


recommended by: Randy Slavey

  • Players: 4-6
  • Game Length: 15-20 minutes
  • Manufacturer’s Recommended Age: 8+
  • GeekDad’s Recommended Age: 8+

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