‘An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments’ on Sale for 99¢!

Image: The Experiment Publishing
Image: The Experiment Publishing

In this election year, it’s as important as ever to be able to think critically about what you read online, see on television, or hear on the radio. Brush up on your knowledge of logical fallacies by getting Ali Almossawi’s An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments ebook for only 99¢ through July 18! You can also read my review of the book that ran previously on GeekDad.

Once you learn about all the different logical errors, you’ll be a much better critical thinker, and you’ll be able to dismiss many television commercials, political arguments, and bad internet comment threads. You will gain some sanity in the process. Once you’re familiar with the logical fallacies in this book, please, teach your children. It’s important for them to learn the skill of critical thinking from an early age to help them filter out the nonsense from the logical arguments.

Give this book a look. You won’t regret it. And it’s only 99¢!

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