Logitech Giveaway: What Makes You Smile This Father’s Day?

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Logitech Fathers Day Giveaway

For most guys, when you were a kid and people asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, you probably said something like President, fireman, movie star, race car driver. As you grew older, and money and prestige became more important, you moved on to other pursuits: doctor, lawyer, computer programmer. Eventually, probably around high school or college, and most likely sooner than you wanted to, you settled on something else. Perhaps a little easier, perhaps requiring less expensive schooling, maybe giving up altogether and just taking what you could get to put food on the table. Regardless of what you chose and when, most of us never said, “I want to be a dad when I grow up.”

Don’t get me wrong, you may have expressed an interest in having children one day, but you likely never separated it from yourself as something to achieve, as some lofty goal to strive toward. Instead, it’s something you simply become. Whether through planning or by accident, via childbirth or adoption, the difference between, for example, “becoming a doctor” and “becoming a dad” is that no other descriptor completely encompasses your entire being like fatherhood. It’s not a uniform you put on and take off, but rather an indelible finger painting of crayon and vomit, of glitter and tears, drawn directly onto your heart. Being a dad is not the sum total of my existence, but it absolutely influences every part of it. Whether it’s the jobs I take, the personal choices I make, or the words I say, every decision in my life is guided by two not-so-little-anymore people who call me by the name that I may not have been born with, but was born to be known as.

I geek out about movies, I work as a computer programmer, I play as a video gamer, I create as a maker, and I love as a husband and as a son. But I am a dad. And that complete abandonment of my former self to become something else for someone else is the greatest thing I will ever do in my life. That is why I smile this Father’s Day. Not because of some great feat I’ve accomplished in bringing two people into this world, nor because I managed to guide them into their teenage years without major physical, psychological, or ecological damage, but simply because their existence itself allows me to be the one thing that brings more joy to my life than any other.

GeekDad and Logitech want to help make you smile this Father’s Day by giving away this prize package worth over $700. You can enter the giveaway by completing the form below. Once you enter, head over to Facebook and share what makes you smile this Father’s Day with the hashtag #LogiSmiles for another chance to win. The prize package includes the following:

The contest is closed. Congratulations to Melissa T. of Pine Hill, NJ!

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