Superman v Batman, Flash, and Everyone Else in New ‘Injustice 2’ Trailer

Because, of course, Batman’s armor is Kryptonite-powered. (Image copyright Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment)

Before Superman proved his superiority by being the biggest jerkwad on the planet in Batman v Superman, he was a maniacal dictator in the extremely popular game (and the “better than it had any right to be” tie-in comic book seriesInjustice.

Now Jerk-Supes is back and ready to rip everyone apart yet again in the new trailer for Injustice 2.

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The trailer tears the game down to its roots: heroes thrashing each other in ways that should result in instant defeat but instead gives them power-ups. It is, as so much of Warner Bros.’ DC releases are, as grimdark as they come (why can’t we have Superman and Flash face off in a game of chess in a sunny room?). The voiceover is spot on, adding considerable gravitas to an already weighty trailer (and is that Bryan Cranston doing the VO; I’d love to hear him as Lex). The armor designs are fantastic as well–a little Iron Man-ish, but then I love Iron Man, so you’re not going to hear complaints from me. Plus, you’ve got Flash heavily featured, Bats powering up into a Batman Beyond-style suit, and Supergirl! For a two-minute trailer, it’s got a lot to geek out about.

Amazingly, the original Injustice was able to put a comprehensive story around why everyone was beating the tar out of each other. Injustice 2 will hopefully continue that, extending the excellent story Tom Taylor put forward in the comics. You can preorder Injustice 2 on Amazon right now (the trailer mentions a 2017 release date and Amazon says December 2017, but here’s hoping it’s a little sooner than that). World premiere gameplay will be featured this Saturday, June 11, during the Mortal Kombat X Pro League Finals on Twitch at 5 PM, PST.

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