Super Geek Box: More Than Greets the Eye

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Super Geek Box

It may not be able to whisk you away to the Medusa Cascade, but unboxing the awesomeness of this blue box, you can almost believe it’s bigger on the inside. You could even say this little subscription box is “More Than Meets the Eye,” but “More Than Greets the Eye” might be closer to the truth.

What’s In The Box

Super Geek Box “Destiny” (April, 2016) – $19.92 ($12.92 + $7.00 s/h)
Use the code SUPER to get $3.00 off the first month.

Super Geek Box Stuff

  • Marvel Mystery 8-Bit Avengers Mini Bobblehead
  • Ninja Squirtle Keychain
  • Trainer SnapBack Hat
  • Ultramus Prime Art Print
  • Light Force Lanyard
  • Megabots vs. Terracons Decal Set
  • “Gotta Conquer ‘Em All” T-Shirt
  • Super Geek Box collectible pin

Product Quality


When unboxing these small value boxes, it’s almost inevitable that you are going to run into some chaff. Companies want to have as many items as possible, so they throw in marketing swag they got for free, or some other old junk.

This was not the case with the Super Geek Box. Everything in the box, with the exception of the collectible pin, was something worth playing with, wearing, or displaying. No sticky notes or paper clips here. Just good old-fashioned geeky collectibles. The only reason I knocked a point off was for shipping a poster folded instead of rolled. While I’m sure there are some who wouldn’t mind, especially if it were just going into a school locker or something, for me, fold lines in a poster make it unusable as wall decor.

Price / Value


Again, a solid 4 here. This is a sub-$20 box, similar to 1Up! or LootCrate, but without as much chaff. Hat and t-shirt alone were worth the price, and the “extras” were actually pretty sweet. I especially love the Donatello Ninja Squirtle.

The reason for a 4 and not a 5 is because it is apparent that the Super Geek Box’s high value is due to its knock-off products. Reading through the summary sheet that came in the box, you notice a conscious effort to not use trademarked names for the items they are obviously representing. The light saber lanyard is called a “Light Force Lanyard”, Ash’s Pokemon hat is called a “Trainer SnapBack Hat”, and according to my Transformers geek sources, “Ultramus Prime,” “Megabots,” and “Terracons” don’t exist anywhere in the Transformers world. While the t-shirt and keychain are obvious parodies (and adorable ones, at that), the others are a bit more questionable. They are most likely covered legally, as they don’t make any attempt to pass themselves off as the real thing, but if you were looking for licensed collectibles, you will probably come away disappointed. (The Marvel 8-Bit Avengers bobblehead does appear to be licensed.)

Oddly enough, looking back on their previous boxes, it does not appear that knock-off products are a trend with Super Geek Box. I see lots of parody, but no real equivalent to a “Light Force Lanyard” or the like. Perhaps this month is an anomaly.

Theme Appropriateness


This month’s theme was “Destiny.” Ash’s “I want to be the very best… you know it’s my destiny” and Darth Vader’s “The chosen one” fall clearly in the realm of fulfilling a destiny, and there is a Transformers series entitled Transformers: Destiny. Both the Avengers‘ and TMNT‘s themes of training and working together to defeat an evil force could fit, but it’s a bit of a stretch.

On the theme of general geekiness, I’d say they are all a hit, and all timely. Transformers is seeing a resurgence in popularity, Star Wars and Avengers go without saying, and this is the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon video game as well as the year of the release of the highly anticipated Pokemon Go. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows comes out in less than a month and looks to be a serious nostalgia-fest for ’90s kids and comic fans (Baxter Stockman, Bebop, Rocksteady, and … Krang?)


The Super Geek Box is a great little box full of quality, generic versions of geeky properties, and a few licensed and parody items. Compared to Loot Crate, which includes fewer, sometimes cheaper, licensed products, Super Geek Box has apparently decided, at least for this month, to go with quantity and quality over authenticity.

In the interest of full disclosure, the Pokemon hat triggered a definite emotional reaction for personal reasons, as this is now the second one we own:

Connor Pokemon Hat Halloween

I was supplied with a “Destiny” Super Geek Box for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

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