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Schleich and DC Bring the Justice League Home

In the wake of the polarizing film Batman V Superman, die-hard fans and noobies are having an unexpected debate: Was it a good movie? My answer: Who cares? New toys! Bwahahahaha! But seriously, every time a franchise gets a new feature film, toy companies from around the world make another set of awesome toys for me, I mean my kids, to play with. Schleich, a German producer of hand-painted figurines, has a particularly wonderful lineup of Batman V Superman toys, and a large range of Justice League toys as well.

Image: Rory Bristol

Let’s start with the Batman V Superman set. This set includes Superman, Wonder Woman, and two Batmans. Each figurine is 4.7″ tall, the LEGO minifigure and standard D20 are for scale. I’m overall impressed with the aesthetics of this mini-series. Each piece is designed to embody the characters as they appear in the movie. In particular, I like the Mech-suit Batman and Wonder Woman, as they embody the dark and serious theme of the film.

Image: Rory Bristol

From here, my expectations were high when I came opened The Justice League Big Set. Featuring seven of the most loved characters in DC history. The founders of the Justice League in the New 52, Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman each have a handpainted figurine. Despite their usual varying heights and builds, each figurine is of a similar build and height.

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Image: Rory Bristol

I started with the obligatory trio of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and was disappointed. The three figures featured here were less than impressive, but were designed solidly enough. Sturdy construction meant that the capes and lasso aren’t going to fall off during play, but other than that, they felt a bit “meh”.

Image: Rory Bristol

The often overlooked quartet of their companions, however, made me happy, indeed. Each piece is designed to say “action” from first glance. The Green Lantern and Cyborg have their fists raised, as if heeding the call of a hero. Aquaman stands tall with his trident, watchful for danger. The Flash is the most action-based of the group, captured in an all-out run. Now we’re talking! These figures look satisfactorily heroic.

Image: Rory Bristol

My favorite of this lineup has to be Aquaman. He’s the only figurine in the series lacking a baseplate so I was worried he’d fall over at every turn. But he turned out to be entirely stable, a mark of great design. His paint job was the cleanest and I continue to be drawn back to his stoic pose.

Image: Rory Bristol

Finally, Schleich has a series of “Scenery Packs” featuring Batman vs Harley Quinn, Batman vs The Joker, and Superman vs Darkseid. I particularly like Batman vs Harley Quinn, as Harley’s manic grin, playful pose, and epic mace bring her to life in a way that says, “Tell my story!” I have to admit I am a bit biased, though. She has long been my favorite villain in the Batman universe.

Overall, I love the sturdy construction, and compelling designs of the figures. A lack of moving parts or removable bits makes me feel better passing them to little ones, and I know that they can take a bit of a beating. That being said, Aquaman and Harley are going on display with the Batman vs Superman Wonder Woman figurine. Those are too pretty for smashing into each other.

Disclaimer: I received review units of Schleich’s figurines for review purposes.

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