Daily Deals 041816

Save on Surge Protectors and a Non-IoT Way to Control Your Appliances

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 041816

Keep your gear safe, and save money: get up to 60% off on select Belkin surge protectors.

Control your lights and appliances with the push of a button, but don’t worry about Skynet taking over. Think of them as smart dumb-outlets. They use an RF signal from a remote control to turn off and on, no internet required, but they are smart enough that you can customize how many outlets are activated by each switch, allowing you to create groups. And today you can get a pack that includes 5 outlets and two remotes for just $21!


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1 thought on “Save on Surge Protectors and a Non-IoT Way to Control Your Appliances

  1. I’m not sure how your metrics are going since the merger, that’s your business. But I’m really disappointed in the direction this website has gone recently. Everyone’s gotta do what they need to to keep the lights on, and I guess I don’t fault you for it, but the reality is 80% of your “articles” written by men are ads of one form or another. The women occasionally pitch something, but the majority of their contributions are more substantive. Of course, what most of those have to do with geekery is baffling… I get it, people have feelings. Parents are people. Blah blah. But really, I cant remember the last time I was excited by anything this site has to offer, written by a man. I’m left almost regretting supporting during the lawsuit/settlement fundraising.

    I 100% recommend you just change the domain and logos to GeekMom. It’s just embarrassing having a man’s only contribution to this site be limited to keeping the “table stocked with food and the lights on”. Is this just an analogy for how life should be?

    Just really disappointed.

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