Cardborders Wants You to Explore ‘Our NYC’

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Welcome to the city
Welcome to the city

Here’s another slice of Modern Orthodox Jewish life for you – from sunset on Friday to an hour after sunset on Saturday, my household is electronics-free. This means we always need to have entertainment for the kids that does not light up, beep, or stream video for hours so I can actually get some work done (sorry, tangent). As such, a lot of my children’s Saturday afternoons are spent playing with action figures, board games, etc. (Note that some Jews go so far as to not use play money or building toys for related reasons.) So when Cardborders showed me their Our NYC puzzle, I jumped at it.

Even with entertaining art by Jane Archer, I was worried it might not grab my five year-old’s attention. Instead, I waited till we went away for a weekend and set it out with both him and a seven year-old. Both children were interested in the puzzle during the entire process. The large pieces, bright colors, and unique patterns for each “segment” made it easier on the younger children. As we matched specific segments, they asked questions or had comments (“Is that the zoo we go to?” “Oh! Look! That says New Jersey!” “Hey, I went to that park!” “Can we go to the place with the dancing hot dog?”).

All in all? At a cost of $24, the Carborders Our NYC puzzle is not the *cheapest* fun puzzle to do with your kids, but it’s absolutely one I enjoyed.

Note: Cardborders gave me the puzzle for free for review purposes.

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