Review: 1Up Box Geek Subscription Box

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1Up Box


What’s in the Box?

  • Batman / Superman / Wonder Woman t-shirt
  • Fallout sticky notes
  • Batman / Superman / Wonder Woman pin
  • Mario shoelaces
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle plush (Leonardo)
  • Red vs. Blue magnets

Product Quality


The t-shirt is a decent quality, of the same brand as used by many other subscription boxes. The pin, sticky notes, and magnets are your basic pin, sticky notes, and magnets. There’s little you can mess up with them. However, the shoelaces are extremely poor quality and arrived already frayed in the middle and with broken aglets. My son put them in his shoes, but I’ll be surprised if they last the week. The Leo plush is all polyester fiber and feels like something you’d get out of a Happy Meal.

Price / Value


Coming in $0.03 cheaper than LootCrate, 1Up has earned the right to call itself the cheapest geeky subscription box. If you want to dabble in a geeky subscription box while spending the least amount possible, this is for you. Although for a few pennies more you can get similar, but in my opinion superior, items from LootCrate, and for less than $10 more, you can move into something like GeekFuel or Nerd Block where the items improve considerably in quality and reusability.

Regarding value, I tossed a half a box on the rating for the t-shirt, but as for the rest of the products, they all feel like something you can pick up at the dollar store. On sale. The sticky notes and thin refrigerator magnets are just marketing swag. In their defense, I feel like much of LootCrate is the same. Items like stickers and magnets are just filler. Ignoring these filler items, and basing the value rating solely on the t-shirt and the TMNT plush, I wouldn’t pay the box price for these two items if I saw them in a store, and that’s before shipping costs.

Theme Appropriateness


Mario and DC are always safe bets for a geeky box, as is TMNT. Even the specific turtle I received is the “popular” one. I do like the inclusion of the slightly more obscure Red vs. Blue, which is particularly timely given the recent news of a 14th season of the popular web series. All of the items are stereotypical geek swag and not once did I say, “Hey, that’s cool and different!” It’s a balancing act between providing items that are uniquely geeky and providing safe items that the majority of geeks will enjoy, and this box is sitting comfortably on the far end of the safe scale.

Overall, I have to say I’m disappointed with the 1Up Box. When you situate yourself in the same market, both in type of product as well as price, as LootCrate, you have to 1Up them to be competitive, and this box fails to do so.

I was provided a sample of the 1Up Box for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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