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Have you ever accidentally sent an email to the wrong person? Did your email program’s auto-fill ever betray you? Have you clicked Send without reviewing your list of recipients? Or clicked Reply All and later regretted it? Be honest. We’ve all done it. I’ve definitely done it, more than once. Sometimes it can be harmless, generating nothing more than a benign miscommunication. But sometimes… Sometimes it can damage a professional relationship, or even give your competition sensitive information. [This post sponsored by Safe Send]

SafeSend is here to help. SafeSend is software that is designed to prevent accidentally mailing confidential or sensitive emails outside your company domain, or to unintended recipients.

SafeSend software can help keep your foot out of your mouth, and it can protect company information. And it’s incredibly easy to use. Simply write your emails and click Send. A small, customizable window will pop up confirming that you really mean to send your email to all of the listed recipients. It lists them one by one for you to look over and confirm.

Why is this kind of protection important to you and your company?

SafeSend helps provide security in multiple ways.

  1. It gives employees a second check to make sure the recipient list is the way they want it.
  2. It reminds employees that your company is committed to security.
  3. It helps prevent data leakage, decreases risk of liability by logging email details, and increases compliance with ISO 27001.
  4. It allows users to review files attached to emails, even allowing them to open them.
  5. You can customize SafeSend to also display the company’s email/security policy when users try to send an email.
  6. Certain domains can also be added to a list of safe domains so that SafeSend does not pop up when sending emails to those domains.
Image: SafeSend
Image: SafeSend

Data breaches are serious business. Each year for the past eight years, Verizon has put out the Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) which reports on the statistical analysis of industry data breaches in 61 countries across different industry sectors. As cybercrime becomes harder to fight, we have to develop tools to stay ahead of it.

In 2014, 68 million records were breached. The DBIR has been able to figure out why and how some of these breaches were made. This is important for figuring out how to fight future breaches. By classifying them, experts can find patterns and trends that are invaluable to fighting cybercrime. The DBIR has also shown that the most attacks are due to “miscellaneous errors”: 29.4% of all attack types. Of those, “misdelivery at 30.6%” is the largest error in the group. Thus, by eliminating as much human error as possible, those misdelivery errors can be minimized.

Image: SafeSend
Image: SafeSend

SafeSend is widely used, processing more than 500,000 emails each day. Many large companies already use it, such as Samsung and Epson, among others. There are also several case studies to read.

Give your company email that extra layer of protection and security with SafeSend. Download a fully-functional 7-day trial version and give it a try. Visit their website for more information, and refer to their extensive support section. Then, write SafeSend for a license quote and keep your company’s information safe.

Note: SafeSend is a sponsor of GeekDad. I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine.

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  1. Cool solution. I still wonder how do email technologies haven’t still come up with an idea of editing sent emails or undo sending with removing an email from the recepients mailbox?

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