LEGO and Disney Announce a New Cast of Disney Minifigures

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If you’ve been holding your breath for more Disney magic to cross the border into the LEGO universe, you can finally breathe a squee of joy: LEGO and Disney have announced the newest collection of minifigures, featuring fan favorites from the rich history of Disney.

The full lineup includes:

  • Aladdin and Genie can now join Jasmine in her Palace.
  • Alice and Cheshire Cat adventure from Wonderland to join your next party.
  • Alien and Buzz Lightyear, our friends from Pizza Planet, can now join Woody’s Roundup!
  • Ariel will light up any ball, as long as you don’t ask her to sing (voice not included). The new Ursula minifigure might have something to do with that…
  • Captain Hook can’t wait to catch his nemesis Peter Pan.
  • Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse make a break from Duplo‘s long reach.
  • Maleficent–What more needs to be said? Thankfully, spindles don’t make an appearance.
  • Mr. Incredible faces Syndrome in their premier casting in the LEGO world.
  • Stitch needs a careful eye. That little buddy isn’t a fan favorite because of his good behavior!

Whether your play time needs more guys, gals, monsters, or pals, you can join me in letting out a little */squee* of excitement as we plot the cruel romance of Syndrome and Ursula, or the unlikely kinship of Stitch and the Cheshire Cat. YMMV.

The set is to be released May 1st, and will be available via, and your local toy stores, for $3.99 each!

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