Help Kickstart “End of the Line – The Game of Post-Apocalyptic Family Survival”

The first game I played from the folks at Fight in a Box was Squirrel or Die. It’s a quick and easy game that involves tiles that will either help your squirrel survive the winter or see him starving. Win or lose, it’s a fantastic little game. That’s why I’m very excited for their new Kickstarter for End of the Line.

Here’s the premise. It’s a sad, sorry, post-apocalyptic world and you and your family are struggling to survive. Despite the breakdown of society as we know it, there is still a tiny bit of order that sees you having to wait in lines to get what you need to stay safe and alive.

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There are limited supplies so mom, dad, the kids, and even the family dog each have to wait in one line with the hope of getting a cut of the world’s meager resources. It’s not as easy as it sounds with all sorts of apocalyptic problems like mutant hordes getting in the way.

End of the Line, Image: Fight in a Box

While you wait in line to collect food, water, fuel, and ammo you have to deal with the problem of pending doom and keep your place in line. First in line gets double rations, but last in line gets nothing. You do not want to be last in line.

The box contents are fabulous with cards, wooden meeples to represent the family, and wooden blocks to represent your limited resources. Your family will, sadly, die one at a time and resources will likewise run out as the game progresses.

It’s playable for 3-5 players and takes around an hour. The kids can play, too, with an age recommendation of 13 plus. The End of the Line Kickstarter is live and you can get in on the post-apocalyptic action with a pledge of $50. You can also get a special Radioactive Green edition of Squirrel or Die for an extra $25.

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