Denver Comic Con Celebrates Diversity With Guests, Partnership

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DCC Rainbow

Update 2016-04-27: Carrie Fisher has cancelled her appearance at DCC2016.

Carrie Fisher’s shooting schedule on the upcoming Star Wars Episode 8 film now conflicts with her scheduled appearance at Denver Comic Con June 17 – 19, 2016. As a result, she will be unable to attend the Denver event.

Perhaps the biggest news to come out of last year’s Denver Comic Con was the debacle of the all-male panel on “Women in Comics.” Although the organizers were quick to respond, allowing a group of real women in comics who were in attendance to hold their own impromptu panel, the damage had been done.

Which is unfortunate because the Denver Comic Con has long been a bastion of diversity and acceptance. From screening movies and organizing panels by leading LGBT rights advocates, to hosting authors who are leading the fight to break the glass ceiling of the historically male-dominated comics industry, the DCC prides itself on being one of the most diverse, inclusive, family-friendly cons in the country. If you have any doubts about their commitment to the mission of “bringing together the diverse people and interests of our community regardless of age, race, gender, or background … focusing on education and providing guests, programming, and events that encourage diversity … [striving] to promote tolerance and empower the members of our community,” just check out this year’s line-up.

Strong Women Dominate DCC2016

Who wins the battle of King/Queen of DCC2016? All of us.
Who wins the battle of King/Queen of DCC2016? All of us.

Every year there is always one standout headline guest that is the main attraction of the convention. William Shatner, Sean Astin, and Wil Wheaton have filled that role in the past, but it looks like this year’s King of the Con might actually be a Queen, or rather a Princess.

Carrie Fisher, best known for her role as Princess turned General Leia Organa, will be at the DCC on Saturday and Sunday to meet and greet fans, take photos, sign autographs, and participate in panels. When the convention organizers announced Stan Lee would be joining this year, I was sure we had our headliner. Lee would be the panel to attend, the one that would have a line snaking around the convention center six hours before the scheduled start time. Now, if Fisher and Lee end up overlapping, I find myself struggling to decide which panel to attend.

Choosing between Fisher and Lee wouldn’t be a problem if there were no other notable guests. Wait in line for one on Saturday, the other on Sunday, and you’re set. Unfortunately, the DCC organizers decided just two big name stars weren’t quite enough. Or three. Or six. They have packed the entire weekend with enough big names to host a comics/sci-fi/fantasy awards show. Two companions, a captain, and everyone’s favorite time traveling archeologist top the list of female guests attending this year.

DCC2016 Baccarin Coleman Sackhoff Kingston

DCC2016 Partners with Denver PrideFest 2016

This year, the DCC is partnering with the Denver PrideFest 2016 to hold a group wedding on the Sunday of the con. Any pop culture-loving geek couple, gay or straight, is invited to take part in the geek-themed ceremony from 4-5pm in the Bellco Theatre. Couples are encouraged to come in costume, and the festivities will include geek wedding vows, live music, and more. Guests of the DCC with a Sunday badge are welcome to attend. Those interested in taking part in the ceremonies can apply for free at before midnight, Friday, April 22.

In addition to the wedding, the DCC will kick off the festivities Friday with LGBTQ programming that will include topics such as how young adult literature with queer themes can disrupt norms and how to add diversity to comics, sci-fi, and fantasy. According to Denver Comic Con director Christina Angle, “We’re committed to promoting education and community, bringing together diverse people and interests regardless of age, race, gender, or background. Our dedication to this mission, and the fact that our events are on the same weekend, made partnering with Denver PrideFest an easy choice.”

The Denver Comic Con is taking place June 17-19 at the Colorado Convention Center. For information on tickets, guests, and programming, visit

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