DC Collectibles Announces New Oracle, Batgirl, ‘BTAS’ Figures, and a Huge Freakin’ Batwing

Not even HALF of the new BTAS figures announced!

Ahead of Toy Fair 2016, DC Collectibles has been extremely busy, revealing some amazing additions to their already phenomenal line-up!

It started mid-morning on Thursday with the reveal of yet another in-scale vehicle for the 6-inch Batman: The Animated Series line. The Batwing! I mean look at that thing! At 3 feet, it’s practically the size of an actual bat! It seats two figures! It has working LED lights!

I don’t always hoard Bat-conveyances; but when I do…

The hits came in rapid succession after that, with twenty BTAS figures announced including an amazing “Girls Night Out” set and what may be the most perfect Batman Beyond set ever:

Not even HALF of the new BTAS figures announced!

And then, what very nearly killed me, this BTAS Legends of the Dark Knight three pack!

For all your “Bats don’t shiv” needs.

Lookit that chunky Grandpa Batman! I just want to stick him in my coat pocket and take him everywhere I go so that he can glower and disapprove of everyone I meet!

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Non-BTAS figures started popping up after that, with some of the highlights being the Harley Quinn line designed by non other than Amanda Conner (hopefully they keep this going for at least two waves).

Amanda Conner is taking over, and I’m A-OK with that.

And a Wonder Woman Through-the-Ages three-pack along with a truly intimidating Darkseid and Grail two-pack:

Any bets on who’d win? My money is on the women on the left. Let’s hope Grail isn’t to scale.

But then they revealed this Capullo-inspired Jim Gordon Batman (with Bat Mech, of course) and what might be the greatest Batgirl of Burnside figure of all time, with amazing purple Batcycle…

Bats and their toys, today on ‘Lifestyles of the Dark and Brooding’

I blacked out for a little bit. Then I saw an honest-to-Darkseid Arkham Knight Oracle and Batgirl 2-pack.


And I didn’t wake up until several hours later, having dreamed sweet dreams of a dark cave filled with bats and lots and lots of shelves for all the DC toys I’m going to be line-iteming into my household budget this year.

I’m kidding. I have no budget.

Looks like 2016 will be the year I find out if I can live off of plastic fumes!

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