Face Front, True Believer! Stan Lee Is Coming to the 2016 Denver Comic Con!

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Publicity still of Mr. Lee via denvercomiccon.com, game footage of "The Stanbuster" ©The LEGO Group, ©MARVEL, ©WBEI
Publicity still of Mr. Lee via denvercomiccon.com, game footage of “The Stanbuster” ©The LEGO Group, ©MARVEL, ©WBEI

In true Excelsior* fashion, Stan Lee is coming to the Mile High City for the 2016 Denver Comic Con. The 93-year-old legend of comics and film shows no sign of slowing down, and will be signing autographs on Friday and Sunday as well as hosting a panel in the Main Events room on Saturday. This is Lee’s second scheduled appearance at the Denver Comic Con after having to miss the event in 2013 due to filming conflicts.

Stan Lee is the co-creator of many of Marvel Comics characters, including the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, and The X-Men, among many others. If you’re not a comic fan, you probably know him as that one guy who keeps showing up in all the Marvel movies, or, if you’re a video game fan, maybe as the old guy from the Marvel LEGO games (“True Believer” and “Excelsior” are both trademark catchphrases of Lee’s and are used extensively throughout the games). Regardless of how you know him, or whether you do or not, it’s hard to argue that the world of comics and pop culture today would be drastically different without his influence.

“It all started with Stan Lee,” says DCC director Christina Angel. “He’s the creator of the Marvel universe-a universe that’s inspired comic-book geeks for generations and recently captured the Hollywood spotlight with blockbusters like The Avengers and X-Men. His genius has reached all corners of pop culture. It’s a true honor to be able to bring him to Denver Comic Con.”

*For those of you not in the know, Stan Lee’s catchphrase “Excelsior!” literally means “Ever upward!”

The Denver Comic Con is a three-day, family-friendly convention of comics and pop culture being held this year on June 17-19 at the Colorado Convention Center. Tickets are available at http://denvercomiccon.com/tickets/

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