Polycade Kickstarter Funds Quickly, Closes in on Stretch Goals

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Polycade Hanging

The Polycade, whose Kickstarter GeekDad announced last month, smashed its funding goal in only two days and nearly as quickly was wiped out of all the early backer rewards. You can still get in on the action, though, and help them reach their stretch goals while saving $400 off the post-Kickstarter price.

Stretch Goals

Polycade Stretch Goals

The rewards have changed slightly since the original GeekDad article. More early backer rewards were added (all gone now, though), and the Kickstarter price dropped from $1600 to $1550. They have also added details regarding hardware, software, licensing, and are now offering two different control panel configurations based on the type of games you prefer.

Check out the Kickstarter page or follow Polycade on Instagram and Twitter.

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