Happy Birthday, Jonathan Coulton!

Photo by Dale May,  Courtesy of JonathanCoulton.com

Jonathan Coulton (JoCo) is a full-time programmer turned internet super-star, virally thrust into the adoring public with hits like “Code Monkey.” This year, he celebrated his tenth (10th!) year pursuing music full-time. A geek legend, he also gives away his music because he loves his fans, and the things they do with his songs. Also, today is his 45th birthday!

In celebration, I thought nothing would be better than to just give a shout-out to our friendly code monkey. If you’d like to check him out, here are some ways to enjoy the JoCo universe:

  • See his show tomorrow in L.A.! (Short notice, sure, but do it anyhow!)
  • Go on a cruise: The JoCo Cruise 2016 is a 7-night Eastern Caribbean nerd adventure on Royal Carribbean’s Freedom of the Seas.
  • Play Code Monkey: The Card Game – Based on Jonathan Coulton’s hit “Code Monkey,” this card game is free to print and play, or you can buy it from the Game Crafter.
  • Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or sign up for his mailing list!

If nothing else, send him a tweet telling him #HappyGeekyBirthday! We <3 U, Jonathan. Happy birthday, dude.

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