Squooshi: The Ideal Way for Kids to Eat on the Go

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Squooshi-FeaturedSquooshi has two main ways for you to carry your child’s food on the go–Pouches and Snaq Bags–that make feeding your kids simple and safe while eliminating waste and chemicals. The pouches should look familiar to any parent who has a small child. Dozens of companies sell food for various age ranges in these squeezable pouches, but, as someone who has gone through hundreds if not thousands of pouches knows, they all go to the landfill.

Squooshi-PouchesThe Squooshi pouches put that ease of feeding into an easily re-usable format. The bottom of the pouch opens and closes like a standard zipper bag so you can fill it with whatever squishy food your child loves (we’ve done soup and yogurt so far). Because of their shape, they also rinse out and clean very easily, which isn’t always the case with things you fill with food for your kids. They come in two sizes (2.5 oz and 4.5 oz) and additional caps, including silicone feeding caps for babies, are readily available as well.

The Squooshi Snaq bags do the same thing for traditional zipper bags. They come in two sizes–large and small–to replace your usual sandwich and snack baggies. Not only are you reducing all of that waste from thrown away baggies, but they have a more traditional zipper for opening and closing. On top of that, both the Pouches and the Snaq bags are BPA, PVC, and lead-free–the same cannot be said of a lot of throw away bags and pouches.

Squooshi-FillingStationI also got my hands on the newest addition to the Squooshi family–the Filling Station. While it’s easy enough to fill a pouch by hand through the zippered bottom, if you are doing more than a single serving, it can be tedious and messy. The Filling Station not only helps you fill your pouches, but also lets you make your puree right inside of it as the plunger doubles as a masher by just removing the silicon cap. It also comes with six 4.5 oz. pouches. Though they aren’t the cute character kind, the Filling Station works with all of the Squooshi pouches.

Squooshi-FillingStation-GoWhile I haven’t tried using the Filling Station to make our own puree yet, I did dump two cups of yogurt into it to fill two pouches. I started loading pouches day-by-day by spooning the yogurt in the pouch bottom right before consumption, but decided to try being more efficient (and less messy) by doing it this way. Total success! Not only did I fill the two pouches in the same amount of time as one done by hand, but I also made a lot less mess and wasted less food. While the plunger wasn’t perfect (you can see a little bit of yogurt made it past the plunger) it was minimal and might be due to the fact that it was still brand new and hadn’t made a great seal yet. The ease and quicker clean-up definitely made the Filling Station worth it.

Squooshi-InUseThe most important test, of course, is not what I think about them, but how well they work and how easy they are to use for my son. Since we started using the Squooshi pouches, the first thing my son asks each morning is what type of yogurt he gets to eat (blueberry is his favorite) and which animal pouch it’s going to be in. For the record, the penguin is his favorite. The pouch is much easier and cleaner than a spoon and yogurt cup, and he’s always excited to eat every last drop from the pouch.

And the same goes for the Squooshi Snaq Bags–he hasn’t mastered opening and closing a standard “zipper” bag yet, but the Snag Bags have an actual pull zipper for opening and closing. He can easily get his snacks open and close them without help, which is a lifesaver, potentially literally, when we’re driving to school, and he can open it himself without me trying to reach into the backseat and help him out.

The re-usability of the Squooshi Pouches and Snaq bags easily makes them pay for themselves in no time over throwaway bags and pouches with the added benefit of less waste going to landfills. Add in that they are BPA, PVC, and lead free and there’s no question that they are a great addition to your daily child feeding routine, especially if you want to make your own food for your child.

Note: I received review samples from Squooshi, but all thought and opinions above are my own.

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3 thoughts on “Squooshi: The Ideal Way for Kids to Eat on the Go

  1. Hi,
    Do you know what material they use for the pouches and Snaq bags? I saw they were BPA and PVC free but I wa Ted to check before I placed an order.

    1. That’s a great question and one I can’t find an answer to. It is definitely a semi-rigid plastic of some sort as far as I can tell. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi,
    Do you know what material they use for the pouches and Snaq bags? I saw they were BPA and PVC free but I wanted to check before I placed an order.

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