‘Splatoon’ Meets ‘Transformers’

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Just when I think I can’t possibly love Nintendo’s quirky shooter Splatoon any more they drop this on me–the next scheduled special event, the August 28-29 Splatfest, will be Transformers themed!

Yes, later this month you can sport Autobot or Decepticon logo t-shirts (with corresponding red or purple ink) and fight for Cybertronian dominance for 24 glorious hours:

If you don’t already own the game… well, I’m afraid we just can’t kick it no more.

Actually, you know what? I’ll give you one more chance. As our friends at GeekMom mentioned earlier today, you can take part in another free-play weekend (AKA: the global testfire) from 3-5 PM PT on August 21-23. Then, once the game gets its hooks in you, you can pick up your proper retail copy and even get in a little practice before geek worlds collide.

I’ll see you on the field of battle! #teamsoundwave

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1 thought on “‘Splatoon’ Meets ‘Transformers’

  1. You’re absolutely right, there *should* be a Team Soundwave. I always imagined that he knew the other Decepticons’ plans were going to fail, but he had mouths to feed and a job’s a job. Wait a minute…. Soundwave is a Geek Dad.

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