Foo Fighters' Guitar Throne Rocks Toronto

Foo Fighters Toronto Throne
Dave Grohl leads the Foo Fighters in their first of two performances in Toronto. Following an accident which fractured his right leg, he performed from a custom designed, moving Throne. Photo: Stephen Clark

Last night the Foo Fighters expanded their North American Tour kingdom to Canada. In the first of two shows in Toronto, Ontario, Dave Grohl sat upon a guitar- and spotlight-laden throne as he reasserted himself as a modern monarch of Rock and Roll.

Just under a month ago while performing in Sweden, Grohl made a dash for the front of the stage during “Monkey Wrench.” He tripped, stumbled, then fell 12 feet to the ground below. When he tried to stand up, he collapsed. In his own words describing the event in an open letter, “That s*** was B-R-O-K-E.” The letter continued by apologizing to fans hoping to see the Foo Fighters perform at one of the following five European shows that then needed to be cancelled.

Grohl was determined to get back up on stage. Just over three weeks after the incident, Dave was back and performing a 4th of July concert in his home country of the USA. The big story was not simply his return to the stage, but the way in which he did it: atop a glowing industrial throne of metal, guitars, and laser lights.

Expanding their kingdom to Canada last night, the Foo Fighters played a full set lasting nearly three hours at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto, Ontario. Although his movement was restricted to his mighty throne, the throne itself was not content to stay still. By the second song, the chair moved forward right into the middle of the pit of roaring fans. It moved back to center stage shortly after, but returned back into the audience a few more times during the concert.

Foo Fighters Toronto Cast Shred
Dave Grohl shreds his guitar using his cast… or he’s scratching an itch. Either way, only he could make it sound like Rock. Photo: Stephen Clark

It was difficult for Grohl to stay seated and he pleaded with everyone to dance in his stead. His cast escaped its holster more than once. At one point he hopped out of his throne, and hobbled to the front of the stage accompanied by guitarists Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear for a couple songs. His rendition of “My Hero” also rendered one of his crutches useless. Even dancing while seated, the rock icon managed to break one of the crutches so that his guitar backup needed to help him back to his throne.

Foo Fighters Toronto Crutch Singing
Dave Grohl performs “My Hero” after leaving his throne during the performance. Photo: Stephen Clark

His usual wit was also in full force as he covered the story of his break, complete with the gut-wrenching footage on the big screen behind him. Another story told about a gig in Toronto while he was in his teens, made mention of “Night Drive,” and told us about his love for Toronto through a chance encounter with Iggy Pop at the Horseshoe Tavern while Grohl was still young in his career.

Foo Fighters on Stage in Toronto
The Foo Fighters commanded the audience in a way reserved for Rock Legends. Photo: Stephen Clark

It was a one-of-a-kind show. Grohl lost no momentum from his usual performance, and the Guitar Throne only added to how epic and memorable this concert series will be.

The Foo Fighters pre-show curtain, revealing nothing of the upcoming event. Photo: Stephen Clark
The Foo Fighters’ pre-show curtain, revealing nothing of the upcoming event. Photo: Stephen Clark
Foo Fighters Toronto Crutch Walk
Dave Grohl, unable to stay seated any longer, strolls to front stage center. Photo: Stephen Clark
Foo Fighters Toronto Crutch Break
Following “My Hero,” Dave realizes that he broke his crutch. Photo: Stephen Clark
Foo FightersT oronto Full Stage
Full stage shot of the Foo Fighters in their first of two shows in Toronto. Photo: Stephen Clark
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