Mile High Makers Assemble!


This weekend, the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth comes to the Mile High City as the Denver Mini Maker Faire touches down at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

For those unfamiliar with the Maker Faire, picture Phineas and Ferb meet Tony Stark, with a bit of Bob Ross and Martha Stewart thrown in for good measure, and you’ll have an idea of the imagination and creativity that will be on display this weekend. Robotics, woodworking, lasers, farming, knitting, papercraft, LEGO, leather working, watercolors, Arduino, LEDs, sheet metal, and a human fusbol table are just a few of the over 100 exhibits and interactive experiences available.

Now in its second year in Denver, the variety of DIY at the Mini Maker Faire is mindboggling. In one weekend, you can dig for worms, pick a lock, hack a toy, pilot a drone, build a rocket, crochet a scarf, build a 3D paper sculpture, and learn a magic trick – all under one roof! In addition to these and other hands-on activities, there are also a number of demonstrations, classes, and tutorials on soldering, lasers, 3D scanning and printing, and more. As if all of that is not enough, don’t forget that the Maker Faire is in one of the geekiest museums in the city, and admission to the Faire includes admission to the museum proper.

This year, the Maker Faire has extended into the classroom with The Colorado Maker Ed Initiative. For educators wanting to learn how to hack the classroom and make your lessons more engaging, there are over two dozen workshops and presentations throughout the weekend led by the Mackintosh Academy and Sponsored by the Morgridge Family Foundation that will explore:

  • Why Making is mindset for life, not just robots and tinkering
  • How you can use Making with your students in your classrooms
  • The basics of setting up Maker spaces and integrating curriculum
  • How big ideas (design thinking, agile innovation) can have small, successful starts
  • How Making can help you increase student learning, creativity, engagement and (yes) fun!

General admission tickets for the Denver Mini Maker Faire, as well as tickets specifically for the The Colorado Maker Ed Initiative, are available on the Maker Faire website or at the museum box office:

  • Non-member Adults: $19.95 / DMNS Members $5.00
  • Non-member Children: $14.95 / DMNS Members $5.00
  • Non-member Seniors: $16.95 / DMNS Members $5.00

The Zelda Master Sword, mid-construction
The Zelda Master Sword, mid-construction

Be sure to swing by Booth #408, check out my family’s own cardboard and paper creations, and build your own CubeeCraft Pop Culture papercraft.

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