Follow Your Child’s Progress With LoveMath™

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Just like you, I’m a busy parent. I make it a point to try and keep my kids motivated to learn throughout the summer, but I don’t exactly have the time (or the skillset) to develop full lesson plans. Thankfully LoveMath™ from GPA Learn, GeekDad’s latest sponsor, does this heavy lifting for me.

Not only does this online educational system present my child with learning activities specific to his grade level, it does an excellent job keeping me abreast of his progress. Each time my son completes a lesson I receive an email update that includes the time spent within the activity and his achievement level, as well as the number of correct answers on the relevant mastery quiz and which incentive badge he earned. If he has a little trouble, I also get an email to that effect. This helps me to know what areas he could use a little extra help in.

In addition to these instant updates, I also receive a weekly digest that collects the most recent emails into a single message and helps put his learning into the proper context. Best of all, this information is mirrored on the parent’s dashboard alongside a visual progress tracker and a list of my child’s acquired rewards.

This dashboard also allows a more granular view of my son’s activity as he proceeds through the program. It’s a great asset, but I really appreciate the immediate feedback of the email alerts, which help me feel particularly involved in his learning adventure.

Stay tuned to GeekDad as my family continues to explore LoveMath™. And don’t forget that GPA is offering a $30 discount on the yearly subscription with the special coupon code GPAGKDAD15.

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