Get Great Stuff, Help Others in This Year’s ‘Geeks Doing Good’


New York Times bestselling fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss has a charity called Worldbuilders. The organization raises money for Heifer International, which helps to raise families and communities out of poverty. Heifer educates families on how to farm, provides them with supplies to succeed, and then asks them to pass along their knowledge and harvest so that their whole community can flourish.

To that end, Worldbuilders is running its second annual campaign, called Geeks Doing Good. The fundraiser began this morning over at IndieGoGo and there are a few limited items that will be going quickly. Additionally, there are tons of great rewards, including signed posters from Paul & Storm, Geek-A-Week cards from Len Peralta, books, t-shirts, jewelry, True Dungeon with Pat and some friends at Gen Con, a chance to go on the next JoCoCruise, and a lot more.

The campaign only runs this week, so get over there and check it out soon!

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