‘Welcome to Night Vale’ Near You

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Imagine a place where librarians must be confined in their libraries because they are so dangerous. A place where the weather report is a song. A place where the company cat is suspended in air in the men’s bathroom (but with water and food and is doing just fine). This is Night Vale, a desert town somewhere in the American Southwest that’s creepy, odd, and somehow really funny.

Welcome to NightVale is a podcast presented as a radio show. Kind of like A Prairie Home Companion… as an episode of The X-Files. My son and I are fans of the series. He even went as Carlos (the scientist with beautiful hair) for Halloween this year. We soared through a bunch of episodes last Spring when we were down with the flu. Let me tell you, Night Vale is already surreal, but with a fever? Wow.

Welcome to NightVale is currently on tour with never-before-heard tales of the famed town. The live stage version is coming to a theater near us, and we are so very excited to go! Listen to a few episodes, or binge on the whole thing, then score some tickets to the stage show. But you have to be quick: Their tour ends next week!

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