Guest Post: Lunchbox Dad Shows How to Create an Ewok Lunch for Your Kids

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The following is a guest post from Lunchbox Dad, Beau Coffron:

It’s seems pretty evident from my blog, but I thrive on making unexpected and creative lunches for my kids – it’s my way of having fun with them and showing how I care. That’s why I’m excited about the Whirlpool #ItsAllCare program that’s encouraging people to celebrate and share their unique approaches to care at, because every parent has one.  Daily acts like making lunch, folding laundry or making an afternoon snack do matter because if it comes from care, it counts. To see more bento box ideas like this one, visit!

A great way to show care is to celebrate May the 4th, otherwise known as National Star Wars Day, with your friends and family! My family loves Star Wars so I made this Ewok lunch for them. Their guerrilla warfare battle tactics made it impossible not to root for them. I’m talking about the Ewoks, not my family.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of the speeder bikes and thought the Biker Scouts were pretty awesome. The scouts never really did anything but their bikes looked cool and went fast. If you want to make your kids a special meal today, think about making all or part of this one. It might make the Jedi in your life feel some extra care today!

Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, Nutella, peanut butter (or non peanut spread), whole wheat tortilla, raisins, pretzel stick, black food coloring, snap peas, broccoli, dried mango, granola, hardboiled egg, black marker.


  1. In main dish, arrange snap peas vertically and cover the tops with broccoli so they look like trees. Cut a slice of whole wheat bread in the shape of an Ewok, Don’t get intimidated, it’s basically the shape of a teddy bear. A tip is to use frozen bread, which is easier to cut.
  2. Spread Nutella on Ewok bread. Drop a small amount of peanut butter on the Ewok where shown in the picture. Spread peanut butter using toothpick. This also gives it a “fur-like” texture.
  3. Cut the Ewok hood from a whole wheat tortilla. Place hood on top of Ewok head. Draw triangle nose, oval mouth, and round ears with a toothpick and black food coloring. Cut a raisin in half and use each half as an eye. Finish by placing pretzel stick in place for his staff. Put Ewok on top of snap peas.
  4. Drop granola into a side dish. Every forest traveler must have granola, right? Cut the letters Y-U-B from dried mango. Use the first set as a stencil to make the second set. Place letters on top of granola.
  5. Draw Biker Scout helmet on hardboiled egg using black marker. I used a printable coloring sheet as a guide. Coloring sheets always give simple ideas to easily draw faces like this.
  6. Serve to the Star War fan in your life and enjoy May the 4th together!
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